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Sh*tty gif of Frank.


Sh*tty gif of Frank.
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AJPunk and the need to play with their ring.
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My Chemical Romance - being cuties Kerrang Awards Acceptance Speech
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my whole life is just “oh ok”


The way that the corners of Sam’s mouth turns downward before he smiles sometimes is absolutely adorable


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❝ I want
to kiss every inch of you,
light a fire
deep inside your ribs
where your soul sleeps;
I want
to be -
what awakens your spirit,
what sets your mind free. ❞
- m.v., You seem to be all I want (and it scares me). (via findingwordsforthoughts)

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You know what would be really awesome and disturbing at the same time? Markiplier reading all those (x reader) fan fictions about him. How hilarious would that be?

You act like I haven’t seen EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM…

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mr pond